Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stock bases

Do you use a stock base or bullion?

I make my own chicken stock, but not vegetable or beef. I've been using "Better than Bullion" organic brands for both of those. I like the vegetable well enough but it's nothing special. It's much cheaper than buying vegetable stock in cans or boxes (and Swanson- I think it's Swanson- has too much red bell pepper in it.) Next time I place an order I'll try Penzey's veg. base.

Has anyone found success with another brand that they like for vegetable stock?


Jayananda said...

I used to use the Knorr vegetarian boullion, but I have resorted to the boxed organic ones...they have way less salt and also mean one less pot to clean.

GSG said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and wonder if Penzey's base worked well for you?
I'm willing to make stock, but not comfortable with canning meat broth.

Sharon GR said...

Hi, GSG, thanks for stopping by.

I like the Penzey's base well enough. It's nothing spectacular, mind you, but it's good. However, I only used the veg base; I make my own chicken stock and freeze it. I've never canned broth either.