Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vegetarian Times?

Since I'm looking to replace my subscription to Bon Appetit...

Does anyone get Vegetarian Times? I looked over their web site briefly, and while there was a heavy use of soy meat replacement ingredients, it did look like there was some interesting recipes.

There's a two issue free trial offer there, so I took them up on it. Worth a try!


Jayananda said...

I don't subscribe, but I do have a box of Veg Times recipe cards that I got ages ago and still use.

Also, not a replacement for Bon Appetit, but have you seen "Edible Jersey"? It's a pretty cool magazine. Not a ton of recipes, but lots of stories about local producers and the history of food and drink production in the state.

Sharon GR said...

No, I hadn't heard of it. And I should have.

It's now listed in my sidebar.

Sharon GR said...

So, I went ahead and got the trial subscription- on this date, a month ago.

So far, they've billed me- but I never got a single trial issue, let alone two.