Sunday, November 18, 2007


Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

I ordered my turkey and picked up my non-perishables. I have to get my turkey on Tuesday and the perishables on Wednesday. I also have to pick up another bag of stuffing bread, since the Darkman ate one of the ones I bought last week. (Note- dogs should not eat that much bread, especially if you and the dog sleep in the same room. Ugh.)

How are your holiday plans coming?


Sharon GR said...

Today, he tore up two whole bags of flour. I think we have a problem.

And, I need to get to a grocery store if I plan to make piecrust and bread.

tata said...

Your preparedness is terrifying. And adorable!

Sharon GR said...

Thank you, tata. I try.

I'm lucky enough to have to work only two hours tomorrow (scheduling problems- woo-hoo!) so I'll have plenty of time to prepare tomorrow, including that grocery store trip.