Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ginger shortcakes with fresh berries

The Recipe:

2 eggs
1 1/3 cup AP flour
2/3 c cake flour
1 T baking powder
¾ t salt
2 T crystallized ginger, chopped finely
3 T sugar
3 oz butter
¾ cup cream
1 T grated fresh ginger (grated on smallest holes of a box grater; avoid adding fibers.)

1 pt. fresh strawberries, sliced, 10 nice ones left in half or whole
1 pt. cream, whipped with 2 T. sugar and 1/4 tsp. vanilla

Hard-boil eggs. Separate whites and yolks.
Preaheat oven to 400.
Whisk dry ingredients together (including crystalized ginger.) Add butter and cut in with pastry cutter or two knives until butter is the size of large peas. Press egg yolks through a strainer and add; cut in, until no longer visible and the butter is the size of regular peas. Mix cream and grated ginger together in separate container; mix liquid into dry ingretients only until moist- do not over mix! Turn out to board; flour if needed. Knead 10-15 times only then pat out to 1/2 inch tall. Cut with 2 in. cutter. On parchment, bake 5 min, then 375 for 10-15 until done. Let cool and split in half.

Assembly: add strawberries and cream to bottom half; close. Put a swirl of cream and nice berry on top.

The Story:

I'm pretty sure it was Shirley Corriher who gave me the idea for the yolks. It gives the biscuits such a lovely color and richness. Between the yolks and the cream, these are seriously rich, dense biscuits- that's why you cut them so small!

The leftover egg whites make a good addition to an egg salad, or are good as a garnish on top of black bean soup. Really. Or feed 'em to the dog, if you have no other ideas; the dog will love you.

I love ginger and berries.

This is great with raspberries, too. Then again, isn't everything great with raspberries?

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