Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Easter

Jersey Blogs was kind enough to link to me here yesterday, so HI! to all the new folks visiting. I have to say, in my own defense, that Meatballs El Rancho is not my best culinary effort for visitors to see. Honestly, I went to cooking school and know my way around a kitchen- the food here gets higher end, I promise. Please also check out the Cauliflower Curry, or any of the other cool recipes I have posted/will post.

What're you having for Easter Dinner? I roast a leg of lamb- Epicurious Recipe here- and some new potatoes. Also, many breads, matzoh (kept separately of course), asparagus with mushrooms, carrots, and a smoked fish, beet, fennel & arugula salad for a first course. No heavy, creamy sauces or gravy; I kind of like to keep it light for a springy meal.

Happy Easter Weekend. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and make it feel like a spring holiday.


xunil.penguin said...

Hey Sharon,

Happy Holiday to you and yours ...

We will be enjoying this recipe for Pork Medallions, with some Rosemary Potatos and (hopefully) a nice Blueberry Cobbler.

oh! Here is the link to the recipe -

This comes from my food blog.


DBK said...

We brought dinner to the in-laws, so it wasn't as elaborate as it might have been yesterday, but there were two culinary efforts that stood out: my chopped chicken liver, made the way mom made it and babka made the way my mother-in-law made it. For the chicken liver, take a half of a large onion and sweat it until clear, then add the chicken liver and cook them over a medium to medium low heat until all the pink is gone from them. Salt and pepper to taste. Also, make a hard-boiled egg. Reserve the liquid from the liver and onion. Put the egg and onion and liver through the meat grinder. Taste and season as needed. If it is too dry, add liquid from the reserve. Save any remaining liquid in case you have leftover chicken livers. The chicken livers always get a lot drier overnight in the refrigerator, so you can add more liquid when you use them again. Serve them with crackers.

The babka recipe, well, it's too long to go into here. It makes around seven regular-size braided loaves and also two long, smooth pastry loaves filled with whatever (apricot, lekvar, whatever). The recipe requires 7 pounds of flour, 12 eggs, half a pound of fresh yeast (not the dry), a pound and a half of butter, a quart of milk, and so on. Working that dough is like a full day in the gym.

Sharon GR said...

Love Blueberry cobbler... mmm....

Love babka too... mmm...

Recipes that big often work when you cut them down but don't turn out quite the same way, especially when they have memories attached to them.